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Why Is There No One Left?

Say Goodnight, Not Goodbye

11 July
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I'll tell you the truth to your face, whether it's good or bad. If it's a bad truth then you know I love you or care about you enough to be that brutally honest, I'm a strong believer in tough love. I'll respect your opinion as long as you don't expect me to change mine for yours. There are some things I will be flexible about, others, don't even bother cuz you'll get a fight. I'm a fighter for who i am, what i believe in, my family & everyone else that i love. I have several heroes 1 that is a celebrity, is Angelina Jolie. If I could mold myself after one woman, one woman who I strive to be like it'd be Angelina Jolie which is why you'll see me using her icons for myself. Have a good time all the time & don't let anyone define you. The strongest friendships last through anything & anyone, don't be fooled by fakes cuz they'll hurt the most. Listen to music that makes you feel good & do things that make you happy, it don't matter if others think it's lame. You're awesome period! Anyways yay =)